Goa TCP Minister Vishwajit Rane promises list of offenders tomorrow | Goa News

PANAJI: The Planning Department Oversight Committee prepared a 240-page preliminary report identifying all violations in the PDOs and who violated the standards. TCP Minister Vishwajit Rane said on Saturday. I am releasing a list of leaders on Monday who have converted leased land into commercial and residential areas, he said.
Rane also said the TCP board will make a decision at its next board meeting to return all illegally converted ecologically sensitive land to its previous status.
Rane also set the stage for a political brawl by promising to publish a list of political officials who violated standards by illegally converting leased plots, Khazan land, undeveloped areas and hill slopes. “A 240-page report has already been prepared, and we found that some people bought land and converted it and then earned thousands of crores,” Rane said.
“I am releasing a list of leaders on Monday who have converted leased land into commercial and residential areas, and I assure you that at the next council meeting we will make a comprehensive decision that wherever no development areas, leased land, khazan land, hilly slopes and other lands are converted or sold using false documents or manipulated documents, the conversion will be abandoned and all such plots will be returned to their original state,” he said Although Rane did not take names, he made it clear he was targeting opposition leader Michael Lobo Lobo was the chairman of the North Goa Planning and Development Authority and was a minister in the Pramod Sawant firm until the beginning of January this year.
Minister TCP said ‘few people’ who were ministers ‘have destroyed their constituency’ but would now be exposed and face the consequences once ‘the law has run its own course’.
“A few years ago, a few people felt that because they are in government, because they have a certain position, they can abuse their position and do whatever they want. They broke the rules and flouted the standards just to make money,” Rane said. .
The minister also appeared to suggest that some politicians and businessmen are trying to influence action against violations.
“A lot of people try to meet me but I refuse to meet them. A lot of people think if they have the money they can buy the minister,” Rane said.
He said the TCP oversight committee which has been charged with reviewing the ODPs which have since been suspended, is about to submit the final report. Once the report is accepted by the TCP Board, all parcels fraudulently converted to commercial and settlement areas would be restored to their previous areas.
The Minister also indicated that reforms would be introduced to make it easier to apply for permits, and also to prevent parking lots on stilts from being converted into shops.

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