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Lineage OS is awesome and all, but custom ROMs were at their peak when CyanogenMod reigned supreme. It had all sorts of innovative features which have since been copied by Google and Samsung etc. But one thing that still hasn’t been adopted in Android or One UI is CM13’s easy way to adjust screen brightness.

CyanogenMod, along with a handful of other ROMs, lets you adjust the brightness by swiping your finger along the status bar. This is one of the features I miss the most when switching from a rooted device. And with the list of rootable phones shrinking every year, I had accepted that I couldn’t use this feature. But thanks to the developer Tom Bayleynow we can get this feature even without rooted device.

Step 1: Install Super Status Bar

The app that makes all of this possible is Super Status Bar. From the same developer that brought you Bottom Quick Settings, another personal favorite of mine, this app opens up your status bar to a world of customization far beyond the limits of stock Android. The application can be installed for free from the Play Store.

Step 2: Enable Permissions

Open the app and after going through the initial setup pages, tap “Start” from the main menu. Using the two toggles on the next page, enable the two permissions needed to run this app.

Go back to the main app page and you will see a new button labeled “Stop”. This means the application is running.

Step 3: Adjust the slider

There are two options on the app’s main page to manage the appearance and function of this gesture, “Indicators” and “Main Cursor”. However, with the free version, the only one we can use is “Indicators”.

“Indicators” allow you to change the appearance of the icon that appears when you activate this gesture. If you choose not to pay for the premium version, the only configurable option is “Style”. This selection will allow you to choose from two options: rectangle and rounded rectangle.

Step 4: Test it

Once the super status bar is enabled, the gesture is ready to use. Place your finger on any part of the status bar and swipe left or right (without lifting your finger). The indicator will appear, telling you that the gesture is working and informing you of the new brightness level. Once you find your favorite level, lift your finger to adjust it.

Image by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

There are a few things to be aware of when using this feature. First, adjusting the brightness this way will turn off adaptive brightness, the Android 9 feature that adjusts brightness based on your preferences. Second, this feature is supercharged in the premium version. Not only can you do more with the flag style, but you can also change what this gesture activates. Namely, you can automatically adjust different sound levels depending on the audio being played.

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Cover image by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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