Excel Status Bar Tips to Increase Spreadsheet Productivity

Although many users don’t even notice the status bar, it provides quick access to various useful Excel features. It gives users one-click access to frequently used calculations, multiple spreadsheet views, macro recorder, and more.

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies company and Microsoft 365 specialist, shares tips for using Excel’s status bar to increase spreadsheet productivity. The informative article first explains how the status bar provides quick access to various useful Excel features, such as the macro recorder.

The author then looks at how to customize the status bar by selecting what information to display from several options. It concludes by explaining how to copy and paste from the status bar and how to automate repetitive tasks with the macro recorder.

“Although many users don’t even notice the status bar, it provides quick access to a variety of useful Excel features,” said Greg Smith, vice president of service delivery at Messaging Architects. “It gives users one-click access to frequently used calculations, multiple spreadsheet views, macro recorder and more.”

Here are some excerpts from the article, “Excel Status Bar Tips to Increase Spreadsheet Productivity.”

How to Customize Excel Status Bar

“Users can change the options that appear by right-clicking anywhere on the status bar. A list of options appears, with checkmarks next to active options. Click any option to display it in the status bar, or click a checked option to remove it from the status bar.

Copy and Paste from Excel Status Bar

“Previous versions of Excel showed quick facts about highlighted cells, including sum and average. Now Excel takes it a step further by allowing users to copy a value from the status bar and the insert to the desired location in the workbook. For example, users can quickly calculate and display the average value of multiple cells without typing the formula.”

Automate repetitive tasks with macros

“One of the nifty features of Excel that many users overlook is creating macros that allow users to perform repeated tasks with a simple shortcut key. For example, a macro can be used to format data, apply calculations to cells or perform a combination of tasks in sequence.

“Although the macros use VBA code, they do not require any coding from the user. The user simply clicks the Macro Recording button on the left side of the status bar, then assigns a name and key shortcut to the macro. Excel records every move the user makes until they click the Stop Recording button on the status bar.

Stay up to date with Microsoft features

Microsoft permanently update excel and its other Office products to improve productivity and security and provide requested functionality. And because Microsoft 365 runs in the cloudusers always work with the latest version, without the need to deploy updates and patches.

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