Ex-Pro Gears of War player shot dead

Christopher Hill was a 26-year-old man living in Martinsville, Virginia when he was shot and killed outside a private home near Boones Mill on Wednesday evening August 24. The former professional armament of war and Fortnite The professional esports player was called Xcells in the game.

According to local authorities, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office received a call of gunfire around 9:28 p.m. The incident happened when Hill, apparently unknown to the owner, approached a home in Boones Hill on Virginia’s Virgil Goode Highway. Deputies say an ‘encounter’ then took place, in which the as-yet-unidentified owner shot and killed Hill, who was found on the lawn of the house. Local news affiliate WDBJ7 said as of August 25 no charges were pending.


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Hill was previously a member of group esports team Enigma6 but hadn’t played professionally since 2019. He started competing in armament of war in 2014 as a member of LoX and has joined various teams throughout his career, including NRG, Echo Fox and eUnited. He also competed professionally in Fortnite from 2018 to 2019. His last professional match was at Fall League Qualifier 5 with Lux Gaming in 2019. Since then, Hill has maintained a regular Twitch schedule and streamed a variety of games, including popular brawler Warner Bros. Multiverse.

Naturally, many people in the professional esports community and the gaming community at large are mourning Hill’s death. A former esports caster for Epic Games, xSUNDOWN, said goodbye to his friend on Twitter. “My soul hurts,” the game developer said in the post. “I know you were battling so many demons from your past and trying to be a better person.” Other members of the community reacted in the same way to the death of the armament of war player.

Unfortunately, given the size of the global gaming community, losing well-known and beloved esports gamers, content creators and developers, who often achieve celebrity status, is not entirely uncommon. In July, Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade has died after a year-long battle with cancer. He was only 23 years old. In the month following his death, his number of subscribers on the platform grew from nearly 11 million to more than 15 million. A tribute to the content creator, in the form of a pink pig with a crown, has been added to the Minecraft Startup screen.

A few weeks later, the admired Super Smash Bros. composer Kenichi Okuma has died aged 56. The musician had been in the gaming industry since the early 90s and was credited in a number of games, including 2008’s. Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii, for which he composed “Flat Zone 2”, “Pokemon Gym/Evolution” and “Gyromite”.

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