Emirates First Group Launches Region’s First PRO Awards to Recognize Unsung Heroes

Public Relations Officers (PROs) are the professionals who handle official documents related to work permit, work visa, UAE identity card, and other professional document clearing services. They work for private companies or government departments and process all official documents relating to permits, approvals, etc.

The most common requirements for PRO services in the UAE include resident and employee visas, work and immigration cards, labor quota applications, investor visas, family visas, offshore and security passes (CICPA), Emirates identity cards, setting up a business and branch, annual license. renewals and updates, changes to business licenses, transfers, regulatory approvals and letters of CA, notarization of legal documents, etc.

These activities require specific skills and knowledge, and each PRO should update and improve their knowledge of new government procedures for dealing with these documents. Thousands of PROs are currently working in the public and private sectors of GCC countries.

Ousman Abdallah moved back PRO award for all of his achievements for his exceptional service for over 50 years. Usman Abdulla, who has worked in this sector since the formation of the Federation of the United Arab Emirates in December 1971, received 10,000 Dh from Mr. Najeeb Kandapuram, Member of Parliament for Perinthalmanna constituency in Kerala.

Siju Thanksachan won the Humanitarian Initiative PRO Award with a cash prize of Dh5,000 of Atif Rahman, founder and president of ORO24 Development. Most productive PRO price was won by Abdul Gafoor Thayyil with a cash prize of 5,000 AED. He received his award from Saleem Ittimal, president of the United PRO association.

PRO Employer Accreditation Award was won by Mohamed achraf with a cash prize of AED 3,000 awarded by Thamim Abubaker, CEO of ECH while Khasim Hamza won the PRO award working in multiple organizations with a cash prize of AED 3,000. He received his award from Surej Kumar Sridharan, Director of Asianet Middle East.

“The success of businesses depends to some extent on the skills, knowledge, experience and expertise of PROs who work day and night to serve any organization, however, are generally not honored for their work. hard work and dedication “, Jamad Usman, CEO of Emirates First Group, said.

“The paperwork for new hires in the UAE is handled by PROs – who remain a symbol of the hopes of too many people. However, it remains a thankless job. This is why we have decided to honor the 5 best PROs in the United Arab Emirates recommended by an independent and selected jury.

“I am happy to announce that the PROs Awards will become a regular annual awards program due to the overwhelming response we have received on our portal www.efirst.ae and we plan to expand beyond UAE territory into coming years.”

The PRO award is a great way to express gratitude to a PRO for their service in this area. In a world where starting a business and changing status for employees or families is so important. Any business in UAE needs a PRO and their services as a government liaison, also known as a public relations officer. It is important to celebrate because their loyalty plays a very important role for the company and the employees.

When a company celebrates employee milestones with PRO awards, they recognize the ongoing efforts of some of a company’s core pillars. Doing this motivates other employees and PROs to do their best job and improve the state of employee engagement.

Honorary Role in the Middle East Emirates First PRO Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner: Usman Abdulla

Prize money: 10,000 AED

Awarded by: Najeeb Kandapuram, Member of Parliament for Perinthalmanna constituency in Kerala

Humanitarian Initiative Prize

Winner: Siju Thankachan

Prize money: 5,000 AED

Awarded by: Atif Rahman, founder and president of ORO24 Development

The greatest number of employees served

Winner: Abdul Gafoor Thayyil

Prize money: 5,000 AED

Awarded by: Saleem Ittimal, president of the United PRO association

Employer accreditation

Winner: Mohamed Achraf

Prize money: AED 3,000

Awarded by: Thamim Abubaker, CEO of ECH

PRO working in multiple organizations

Winner: Khasim Hamza

Prize money: AED 3,000

Awarded by: Surej Kumar Sridharan, Director of Asianet Middle East

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About Emirates First Group

Emirates First Group (eFirst) is a leading business consultant in the United Arab Emirates, providing the best services to help aspiring entrepreneurs start a business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Launched in 2017, eFirst has gained immense recognition very well and has been one of the most preferred business solution providers.

E-first professionals provide comprehensive services to help businesses, from startups to large corporations, with the legal and other advice needed to start the business, grow and ensure a leading presence in the UAE market. United Arabs, bet on the continent, the free zone or the offshore.

Besides business start-up procedures, Emirates First offers various government approvals such as Municipality, RERA, Civil Defense, SERA approval, National Media Council (NMC) approvals, etc.

Emirates First also offers instant business license with virtual office, PRO services, tax and legal advisory services, visa and license renewals, ISO registration, trademark and attestation services and other necessary approvals. regulatory authorities in Dubai.

Emirates First Group currently operates through six branches, including two branches of e-First Global, a new premium services brand.

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