Don’t forget to deposit your Permanent Fund dividend

By Lucinda Mahoney and Click Bishop

Update: 5 hours ago Published: 5 hours ago

Thank you for choosing to make Alaska your home!

The deadline to claim your Permanent Fund dividend is fast approaching and the application period will close on Thursday, March 31 at 11:59 p.m. Don’t miss the deadline!

If you’re one of the 530,000 Alaskans who have already applied online, thank you! If you’re one of the 140,000 who haven’t applied yet, you have less than a week to apply for your PFD.

Do you still need to apply? Have you moved recently? Have you changed banks? Please review your request and ensure that we have accurate information about your financial institution or mailing address. This will allow you to receive your PFD in a timely manner.

Every year, thousands of requests require additional information or corrections of typos in the requester’s address or banking information. The need for additional information may delay payment for your PFD. The VFI Division reminds you to log in to your myPFD account and ensure that your application is in “eligible” status and that all of your information is correct.

Choosing to file online generally means that completed applications contain all of the information needed to determine your eligibility. It also allows you to update information if it changes before the October payout cycle. Signing your application electronically helps determine your eligibility faster and can ensure that you have completed all the steps required to receive your PFD this fall.

It is also a reminder of the various programs in partnership with the VFI Division. Alaska 529 is an education savings plan designed to make it easy for parents and loved ones to save for their education.

Choose.Click.Donate. allows Alaskans to deposit their PFDs online to donate some or all of their dividend to eligible charities and educational organizations.

And the newest in our portfolio: the PFD Education Raffle. This raffle allows anyone 18 years of age or older applying online for a PFD for themselves the opportunity to choose to donate their PFD money to public education. Donations are made in increments of $100. For every $100, you can submit one entry into the Education Sweepstakes. This year’s first place winner took home over $45,000! The second place winner took home over $23,000, the third place winner took home over $11,000, and the fourth place winner took home over $5,000.

More than $663,000 has been dedicated to providing educational opportunities for Alaskan children.

We look forward to this raffle continuing to grow to help with public education funds and produce more lucky winners.

In closing, please apply before the March 31 application deadline. Please take a look at the wonderful application programs discussed in more detail here:

Lucinda Mahoney is the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Revenue. Senator Click Bishop represents Fairbanks in the Alaska Senate.

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