DC’s 10 Weirdest B-List Villains

The DC Universe is rich with villains, but not all of them are as iconic as Lex Luthor or the Joker. While they may not be the first villain in readers’ minds, these villains refuse to let their B-list status hold them back, always throwing themselves into the next brawl, scheme, or league of villains.

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Even among their peers, there are B-list villains whose backstory, shenanigans, or fashion sense lean towards the bizarre. Regardless of their impressive abilities, there’s no denying just how weird these villains get upon closer inspection. From the wacky whimsical to the undeniably eccentric, DC has no shortage of bizarre B-list villains.

ten Count Vertigo makes the heroes vomit

Most often a Green Arrow/Black Canary villain, Count Vertigo was born into nobility in the fictional Eastern European country, Vlatava. After using a device to help him correct his balance, the Count discovered that he could use this same device to disorient others, and he turned to a life of crime in America.

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Trading in noble efforts for petty crimes, Vertigo served as a member of the Suicide Squad. After working on his sanity, Vertigo worked to define himself. He alternated between going back to crime and trying to keep his hands clean, but his odd reputation as a vomiting-causing meta stuck.

9 Mirror Master dominates a dimension of nonsense

A few DC Comics characters have taken on the Mirror Master name, including Captain Boomerang, but one thing has always remained the same: compatibility with the Mirror Dimension. Each Mirror Master could access the trippy alternate dimension via certain reflective surfaces. Additionally, their mirrors possessed a variety of powers including hypnosis, energy projection, and more.

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The weirdest element of the Mirror Master – Evan McCulloch, Sam Scudder or whatever – wasn’t their rivalry with the Flash or their love of reflections. Rather, it is the mirror dimension itself. Its nebulous rules could affect perception, time, and even mortality, leading to continually confusing patterns.

8 Killer Croc just thinks he’s a crocodile

Killer Croc has been a bat villain for decades, but he never managed to achieve top-tier status. Yet Waylon Jones has become iconic. Not only does his green scales, gnashing teeth, and bloodlust make him one of the most distinctive villains on the Bat, it also makes him one of the scariest.

Despite the inherent terror of a hulking crocodile man, Killer Croc was a bizarre individual. He acted like a stereotypical movie crocodilian by eating human flesh and hiding in the sewers, even though he wasn’t actually a reptile. While some of Croc’s eccentric behaviors could be attributed to his atavism, others were byproducts of his own odd decisions.

seven Ultra-Humanite keeps his brain moving

At a glance, Ultra-Humanite might appear to be nothing more than an average albino gorilla with an exposed brain. However, this exposed brain is the key to Humanity’s weirdness. The Ultra-Humanite is actually the brain of a mad scientist who can transplant his brain at will to achieve his ends.

DC Comics’ first recurring supervillain, the Ultra-Humanite’s plans usually fall into predictable villainy like theft and world domination. Humanity’s strange brain transfer tendencies have allowed him to inhabit the bodies of giant insects, famous actresses, and a T-Rex.

6 Larfleeze is the greedy lantern

When Geoff Johns introduced the Lanterns as avatars of the emotional spectrum, he rewrote the possibilities by involving a variety of hidden bodies. While others like the Blues and Reds comprised thousands of Lanterns, the Orange Lantern Corps had only one member: Larfleeze.

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Suitable for the sole wielder of the Orange Light of Avarice, Larfleeze was primarily defined by his greed. In fact, Larfleeze thought he could hear objects calling him to take possession of them. Larfleeze also gained notoriety as one of the few DC supervillains to battle Santa Claus.

5 Granny Goodness is an evil granny god

The caretaker of Darkseid’s orphanage on Apokolips, the comics often portray Granny Goodness as an older woman with a cruel heart. A decidedly brutal villain, Goodness uses her orphanages to brainwash, manipulate, and torture sentient beings into becoming Darkseid’s followers.

The design and mega stem of Jack Kirby from Granny Goodness reflect classic cosmic weirdness. However, Granny’s truly bizarre and creepy traits lie in her sadistic portrayals of the matron. Taking societal traditions and subverting them, Granny remains a deadly force to be reckoned with.

4 King Shark is half human, half god and all shark

Born the son of the Hawaiian shark god and a human woman, Nanaue is a hybrid, semi-mystical shark man with a penchant for biting. While Killer Croc’s instincts are less origin-focused, Nanaue’s shark aspects are genetic, even being considered shark royalty.

Embracing the name King Shark, Nanaue’s shark character may seem more fitting than other animal-themed villains, but her shark powers go far beyond the average shark. He can bite through steel, swim incredibly fast, and use his shark-like strength to battle Superman. To make things even more interesting, King Shark’s head sometimes changes shape, changing from a great white to a hammer.

3 Giganta is a giant gorilla

Unlike the Ultra-Humanite, Giganta appears to be an angry, size-shifting woman dressed in cheetah print. Like the Ultra-Humanite, this appearance is deceiving. Although different in some continuities, Giganta is a former gorilla turned human, or sometimes a human who transferred his mind into a gorilla.

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The comics have inconsistently portrayed Giganta’s intellect. Sometimes it’s a brilliant academic who works on the side as a supervillain. At other times, his intelligence approaches that of a primate. Either way, Giganta remains one of the few ancient size-changing apes in the comics.

2 Mister Mxyzptlk is a mischievous menace

An imp of the 5th dimension, Mister Mxyzptlk has become one of Superman’s most bizarre enemies. The magical malefactor had tormented the Man of Steel since the Golden Age, using his reality-warping abilities to prank paramedics, animate the Daily Planet building and make the Joker the ruler of the universe.

Mxyzptlk’s reality-bending powers go beyond the ability to change his world. He occasionally breaks the fourth wall. Purple derby hat and extra-dimensional origin aside, Mxyzptlk’s weirdest trait is his main weakness: speaking his own name backwards. Even more wacky and mystical Deadpool, Mxyzptlk asserts himself as one of the strangest characters in the DC universe.

1 Starro is the weirdest star in space

The villain who brought together the first iteration of the Justice League, Starro the Conqueror is an alien starfish who seeks to dominate worlds across the universe. Starro has a multitude of abilities, including telepathy, flight, and energy projection.

James Gunn fans The Suicide Squad may recall that Starro can reproduce himself by generating miniature versions of himself that can dominate various minds. These miniatures communicate telepathically with the greater Starro to help him conquer worlds. As iconic as Starro may be, it’s impossible to top the weirdness of a giant, telepathic, autocloned, evil space starfish.

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