Customize the status bar to your liking

Who said personalization was limited to the outer appearance of your phone? Android users can enjoy tweaking almost every aspect of their mobile device. Today we’re going to look at customizing something that a lot of people overlook: the status bar.

It’s not exactly in the limelight, but we’d all be lost without it. It lets us know our carrier signal strength, Wi-Fi signal, battery level, time, date and much more. Since many apps also take up space on your status bar with their own icons, it doesn’t take long for a status bar to start looking cluttered and dirty. A team of developers by the name of Team Syndicate took on the challenge of making the status bar part of the attractive package.

When I turned on the Omega status bar, I definitely noticed that HTC Sense’s default status bar got a lot cleaner. Compare how the Omega StatusBar gets rid of all the pesky default status bar colors and replaces them with minimalist black and white. If you don’t find the default status bar attractive, you can download other status bar themes from the Google Play Store. You can choose themes that can give your status bar an iPhone, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich touch.

Although Omega StatusBar only affects a very small part of your screen, you can do a lot there. Bring up the Settings menu and change it to your liking. You can set Omega StatusBar to start when you turn on your device or remove some of the icons that appear there, such as your Wi-Fi and network indicators, notification counters and more. Don’t want to clutter up your status bar? No problem. Omega StatusBar lets you keep an ignore list for apps you don’t want to receive notifications from.

When you upgrade to Omega StatusBar Proyou can enjoy features like animated background, device over voltage warning, battery charging and unspecified errors.

Although Omega StatusBar is available for free, it is not ad-supported. Don’t worry about pesky push notifications or distracting ads while browsing your phone. You can enjoy the free version without any discomfort.

Omega StatusBar, however, is not flawless. Right after taking a screenshot, the status bar flashes briefly and shows me the default one for the HTC Sense. When moving app icons on my home screen to the trash, the Omega status bar also reverts to HTC Sense. It also doesn’t seem to support third-party apps like Dropbox. Right after uploading images to Dropbox, there was no icon notification on my status bar. It’s not particularly bothersome, but I miss seeing confirmation there.

Treat yourself to a stylish and attractive status bar by downloading Omega Status Bar on your Android device today.

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