Bugs reported in Ola S1 Pro electric scooter after installing MoveOS 2.0 update

The Ola S1 Pro is nearing its one year anniversary as the vehicle was first launched on August 15, 2021. The high-end e-scooter has continued to achieve good sales figures in the recent past despite a load of truckloads of complaints about problems and annoyances. Ola Electric also recently teased its first electric car.

MoveOS 2.0 begins rolling out to S1 Pro drivers

MoveOS 2.0 was launched at Ola Electric’s mega-event at its Futurefactory. The Ola S1 Pro gets most of the missing features expected by its customers through the update, but with its share of bugs. The new update brings previously promised features such as cruise control, navigation, music playback and more. MoveOS 2.0 updates are available through both the OTA route and the manual route. In some cases, the older VCUs that came with previous batches of the S1 Pro e-scooter had to be replaced with newer ones to provide more RAM, storage, and better GPS signal strength.

However, MoveOS 2.0 update stories aren’t all happy and there are stories of bugs and glitches that have started to trickle in as runners’ first impressions. TeamBHP user Purushotham BV aka HighOctane shared his experience with the update. The user reported that the update was around 800MB in size and took around 25 minutes to install. He had to have the Ola Electric app on his phone and the phone connected to the scooter via Bluetooth. The app displays charge status, battery status, kilometers traveled, autonomy in different modes, scooter manual, assistance service, etc.

The BHPian also commented on some bugs it encountered within two hours of installing the update. These included false charging status on the companion app, handlebar lock engagement issues when unlocking via phone, and GPS module issue when using the MapMyIndia-based navigation system while driving. your travels.

Another BHPian who goes by the name of raghu67 also shared his experience with the MoveOS 2.0 update. The pilot had to have his VCU upgraded because his vehicle had been manufactured in previous batches. Driver impressions suggested slow driving in ECO mode. This has also been reported by other forum users.

Ola Electric may work on these bugs in the near future to improve the riding experience for cyclists.

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