Apple iPad 14 Pro: Full display, status bar and more iOS news

Three days before the official release of the new iPhone 14, rumors about the next device continue to circulate massively on the Internet. I know the latest version of iOS 16: the next iteration of the Apple® technology operating system for its mobile phone.

To make a point, it is important to remember that so far is not enough, that we cannot take the news listed below for granted. However, due to leaks and hardware present in iOS 16 test builds, the status quo will have the classic battery icon in the Apple world and more. We can make better use of the new tablet-like notch and always-on display.

A color screen in a tablet may have virtual LEDs on the iPhone 14 Pro Pro.

Detail of the light that surrounded the new notch. Numerical representation is an effective choice.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have a new notch, or elongated cylinder, as shown in the image above.

Apple places a virtual LED in the space between the facetapes and the sensors. We will remember the use of the front camera and the microphone for example.

Typically this is the tenth Android as we live for Windows 12 and 13 Android and when an app has access to sensitive components like cameras and microphones we see green dots on the face of the screen.

It’s present in virtually all user interfaces, enhancing user privacy. This is actually a visual alert for using these components.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro can use a lot of space.

A similar implementation from Apple is possible. According to the iPhone 14 with the new notch format, we have digitally managed to get a place between the two cuts that can be used to display light signals.

The rest of the space, as seen in the video above, is less than half the pity point for the front camera (circle) and space for the sensors (cylinders). Apple can therefore use it digitally to display certain information.

iOS 16 should make better use of the new notch space on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Detail is the key to a new level. The numerical representation is very simple.

According to this information will be the light indicator of the notification received, the LEDs and the light indicator of the camera and the microphone. It is also important to remember that these same indicators are already present in an Apple iPhone. They are displayed with the largest notch.

This means that with these indicators sliding towards the new notch, we will have more space for other icons. This means we have more space for sensors that display battery capacity, mobile networks and other relevant information.

Status bar, “Alway-On” screen, etc. only for iPhone 14 Pro.

For this reason, the new status bar, new Always-On screen action, and new light indication will only be available for iOS and Android 14 Pro models. We remind you that, according to current information, only these devices will have AMOLED screens with a timer between 1 Hz and 120 Hz, therefore only these have the automatic access mode.

Finally, we should expect the official presentation of the mobile devices to be on September 7. Only then will the doubts be realized with the help of Tim Cook and the other leaders of the Cupertino giant.

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