Adorning the cover of NBA 2K was ‘a bucket list thing’

CT: First off, congratulations on the great expansion. You also extended with Nike, right? Well-deserved. And, landed the cover of 2K.

How did this come together? I don’t know if you looked at the betting markets, but you were behind a few names on the list. How did this happen, tell us.

comics: It’s been quite a while. It’s not something they do quickly. We did the photo shoot during the season. Obviously for me, it’s a to-do list that I’ve always had. Honestly top of the bucket list.

Just having a connection with gaming and 2K gaming, playing it all my life. To honor the coverage and understand the magnitude of it and what comes with it, that’s all I signed up for.

CT: When you play the game, which two teams do you play with? Obviously, the Suns are out of the game.

comics: It usually varies, me and my buddies pick randomly. You do three random times and the opponent chooses.

CT: Who invented this? I think it’s a universal rule.

comics: It’s good, though. This allows you to play with different teams, so people don’t just play the big hitters. It shows real craftsmanship.

CT: Do you remember the first time you were in a video game?

I mean, growing up, I always created a player. I did that for a while. Thinking back to all of NCAA football, I used to create a left-handed quarterback.

CT: Did you play football growing up? were you good?

comics: I did it. Very well. Very well.

And, you know, play 2K create my own player. And then they started the whole MyPark thing, it amplified everything. I always created a player, and then my rookie year was the first time face scans came into the game. I remember it was summer league and they got our face scans. It was a big moment for me.

CT: Did you wear this costume with all the balls?

comics: No, I haven’t until recently with the cover and all. Went after, got a good stretch before.

I filed a complaint with 2K about my forward player, his movements and the way he moved. But now I think in 23 he will be much better.

CT: Tell me about sharing this honor with Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird and Michael Jordan. Have you worked with them before and what does it mean to share coverage with them?

comics: I haven’t worked with them in the past, but I’ve been (Taurasi) for a while in Phoenix and have the utmost respect for her. I call it the GOAT. Michael Jordan the same, and I feel the same about Sue Bird. Just being mentioned with these names and sharing this moment together is amazing.

CT: I saw on Twitter that you were saying the cover might be the best ever. Do you stick to that?

comics: This is the first time they’ve done a proper photo shoot for it. Looking at the covers, usually they just take a photo from Getty Images and put the art behind it.

So it’s really groundbreaking what we’ve done, and I think in the future they’ll do it every time now. Just the color palette, including Phoenix, is on fire.

CT: Looking ahead, who do you think will be on the cover next year? Who is your top favorite for 2K24?

comics: I would say either (Jayson) Tatum or (Ja) Morant.

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