Add brightness slider to your status bar with “Display Brightness” app

There are millions of apps available in the Google Play Store, so finding cool new apps can be an overwhelming task. In addition to this, we also have to consider that many useful apps are not available through the Google Play Store. There is also our own XDA Apps and games forums, XDA Labs, F-Droidand Amazon App Store. In the Amazon App Store is an old, but still useful app called Screen brightness which brings one of the most popular custom ROM features to any Android device – a brightness slider that gives you the ability to control the brightness by swiping left/right on the status bar .

The application creates a customizable bar at the top of the screen, with or without the status bar present. By sliding the bar to the left or to the right, you can decrease or increase the brightness of the screen. The majority of stock software doesn’t offer such a feature, but it wouldn’t be so prevalent in the custom ROM community if it weren’t such a sought-after feature. Best of all, this app doesn’t require root access and works great on most Android versions. You can even have it start automatically after a reboot.

RuberSoft’s Screen brightness is completely free to download. The easiest way to get the app is to install the Underground Amazon app to access the Amazon App Store. You can find more information about the app on its Amazon landing page at the link below.

Note that the app is not guaranteed to work on all devices, and on Mishaal’s Huawei Mate 9 running Android 7.0 Nougat, the app experienced a few force closes while changing settings. However, if it works for you as advertised, we hope you find it a useful addition to your list of apps.

Get Display Brightness from Amazon App Store

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